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What to Pack for College

Bedding and garments are on the list of many students once they set off to college. In addition to these, you will require dorm room accessories like closet organizers and portable lights that will help you settle into college life. Here are some college dorm supplies you have to include on your own list.

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Supplement the sunlight inside your dorm room with lighting fixtures so you have a lot of ambient and task light. Lamps, paper lanterns, portable clip-on lights are essential dorm room accessories. Create a productive study space with the addition of a table lamp for your desk. Choose lamps with adjustable arms so that you can twist and turn these to illuminate your desk area. Portable clip-on lights that may be connected to the headboard or lap desk if you are reading in bed are crucial college dorm supplies.

Paper lanterns could be hung across the room to provide your room a festive look. The lanterns can be simply endure the help of extendable cords. You can even hang the lanterns on strings of twinkling lights to create a soft glow inside your room.

Essential Gadgets

Charging docks and stations that can charge all your gadgets and electronics have to be on your listing of college dorm supplies. These desk accessories will help you charge your phone, MP3 player, digicam and PDA concurrently. The office remains clutter-free because they keep the cords away from sight. All you have to do is give a power strip for the to keep your entire gadgets in place.

Travel alarm clocks and radio clocks are crucial dorm room accessories. Choose an alarm clock with helpful features like easy-to-read display and glow-in-the-dark arms. You are able to pick from the latest models of that play in the radio or even the song list from the MP3 player to wake up to in the morning.


Most college dorms don't have private bathrooms, so you may have to walk along the hallway to acquire a shower. Choose college dorm supplies like bathrobes and wraps to adjust to dorm life. Choose stylish robes in luxurious fabric like organic cotton and Turkish cotton terry.

Start packing for faculty with these practical ideas in mind.

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